One Room Challenge Week 1

Hey everyone! It’s the first week of the One Room Challenge and I’m not freaking out quite yet. This is my first time being a featured designer on the ORC and I’m feeling pretty confident…or at least thats what I keep telling myself. I mean when you’re juggling multiple client projects along with a few here at home, well then why not add another with an incredibly short deadline. This is how we choose to live our lives….its so fun!

So lets get right down to it. The room I chose to makeover in this crazy short 6 weeks is our oldest and now teen (my heart) daughters room. You may remember when it was daughter #3 room here below. 

Well you see what happened was this, try to follow along……

Daughter #1 had this room here below which is on the first floor of our home and for about a year of living here, it was just fine. And then one day she was all….”Hey guys, I don’t like being on the first floor all alone while the rest of you sleep on the second floor, so can I please move upstairs?” We all said, “Yes, we miss you too!” And so she did. 

End of story? Not quite.

That’s when daughter  #2 and #3 started rooming together here

which was just perfect and so adorable and my oldest moved in to daughter #3 room. Okay, still with me?

Well this is where the story takes a turn because after daughter #1 moved in to daughter #3 room which used to look like this 

it turned in to this! 

I’m a huge Bob Ross fan but seriously this entire situation makes my eyes bleed. No seriously.

As you can see there hasn’t been a hug attempt at making this space her own but that is about to change! So with her help and a little guidance from me, we are tackling this ORC family style. We are all pitching in to make this space one that she can feel comfortable in and also won’t make me feel faint every time I walk in to it. 


-replace the flooring (whoever said painting a floor was a good idea is no longer my friend) 

-Remove the bunnies ( you’re cute but its time to go)

-Add some color ( YES color! It is a kids, sorry TEENS room after all) 

-Donate ALL, yes I said ALL the furniture 

-Replace the existing furniture with pieces she loves and that will grow with her

-Add some texture, No, LOTS of texture 

So thats the plan and we are so excited! Follow along each week as I post every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks and keep you all updated on our progress.

I will also being posting links to the other 19 ORC designers so you can follow along with their projects too!

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