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Cafe Appliances…why I’m hooked 

We have been living with our new appliances for a few months and I have to say I'm loving everything about them. The Cafe appliances have more than exceeded any expectation when it comes to the design and function. Our 36 inch range is a beast! Its so easy to cook on, especially for a ... Read more

New Lighting for our Home 

We recently changed the lighting in our dining area and kitchen and I'm so happy with the final result. Previously to this we had 9 semi flush lights in the kitchen and 2 metal pendents from a budget store in the dining area. It worked for our budget at the time and I lived with ... Read more

New Hardwood Flooring 

Master Bathroom Remodel 

I think I’ve had this master bath remodel of ours on the brain for what feels like a year. I’ve been planning this remodel since we moved in to our home 2.5 years ago and finally we get to make all my master bathroom dreams come true. We live in Indianapolis and when it came ... Read more

Girls Bath Remodel 

The Interior Design side of our business has been working on a large remodel with the Build team all summer long and we are getting close to finishing. Remodels are always slow going in the beginning and then its full speed ahead as it comes to an end. One of the projects on this remodel ... Read more

Living Room Design 

I haven't really blogged about our living room in awhile so I wanted to update you all on some of the furnishings I've brought in and how I've been changing things up around here. I recently added these rattan trunks to the space. They were supposed to be for a client but after they arrived ... Read more