Great Lighting with Soraa Radiant

Today we are talking lighting.  Not the fixtures but the actual lighting source itself. The lightbulb. Let me tell you, if you have the wrong ones lighting your home than you are making the worst and most easily fixed design mistake out there.

There is nothing that can make a room more beautiful then excellent lighting and there is nothing that can ruin it faster then the wrong lighting.

When I first meet with client’s, I all too often find myself talking to them about how important the lighting is in their homes. It’s so common for people to choose lighting that is too cold or yellow and doesn’t allow the true colors of the room to shine.

When I first used the Soraa Radiant lightbulbs I was so pleased with how the room felt. The light was radiant yet soothing. It produced a true natural color in the space without the distorted glow that can come from many LED bulbs in my experience. The Soraa Radiant was different, it produced a natural  glow to the space and left me feeling very happy with how the room felt bright without feeling sterile.

I was really impressed with the overall technology of the Soraa Radiant. Most LED lightbulbs can leave the space feeling dull or cold while the Sorra Radiant have a radiance that shows off the colors in the space. Whether those are pops of color or the different types of white in the room.  

I’m sure the professionals can explain so much better why the technology of the Soraa is better but I can only speak to how the space felt. Once we changed out the bulbs we had been using to the Radiant, the room instantly felt so much better. 

The room feels so much more relaxed. The light feels natural and not artificial and that is so important as a designer, not only for my client’s home’s but my own home as well. 

I’m sure some of you might be thinking,  really? 

This is just a lightbulb after all and I am telling you right now, it’s so very important to choose the right one!

Bad lighting can take the most beautiful design and ruin it with one click! So many people make this mistake and it’s so easily fixed with the right bulb. It’s that easy! 

And last but not least the Soraa Radiant are dimmable, they have no annoying buzzing associated with them and they don’t produce headaches which are so commonly attributed to terrible harsh lighting. I really am impressed with this product and for a mere $13.95, I think you will be too! 

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