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Have you caught on yet that The Company Store is my go to resource for all my bedding needs these days? I initially chose them for our master bed and I completely fell in love. I seriously have a bedding hording problem. NO seriously, I do. I don’t know why but it’s the one thing that I can’t seem to keep to a minimum around here. I honestly think its because I am always trying to create the most comfortable bed possible. 

Not just for me but for my family and our overnight guests. Basically, that means I have collected so much bedding, from blankets, to sheets, to pillows, trying to create that perfect luxury bed and nothing has really met my exceptions until I found The Company Store. 

I’ve used it in our bedroom, my daughters shared room and now in our guest room. We are in the midst of a master bathroom and master closet remodel in our home and that mean’s our master bedroom is a complete disaster and unusable.

We are currently sleeping in our little guest room until the remodel is done and I couldn’t do it! I just couldn’t sleep on this bed one more night without my The Company Store bedding and down feather bed. Thankfully, I don’t have to because all of our new guest room bedding arrived yesterday and last night it felt like I was sleeping in a 5 star hotel again!

I know this sounds like I’m just weirdly excited about some bedding. But that’s exactly it! I am excited because I’m a firm believer that your bed should be your own little heaven. 

No place feels as good as sinking in to your own bed after a long day and you should have the very best bedding.  

Did you know that there are pillows designed for back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers? 

Seriously, did you all know this? 

Well, imagine my excitement when I found them on The Company Store and you know what….they are freaking amazing!  

The feather bed is another favorite of mine. We have them on all our beds now and it makes such a huge difference. I swear it takes your mattress to a whole new level! 

Both Brian and have I slept so much better in our newly made beds. Both our master bed and now our temporary bed in our guest room. 

I could go on for days about the comfort. How soft the sheets are. How the linen duvet gets better with each washing. How soft the blankets are, but lets talk about the color and textures of it all. 

I love to layer a bed. Lots of texture with different materials and color and I have been so happy with the color selection of each of the items on the bed. The Alpaca throw is simple and gorgeous in the charcoal and I layered the bed with the Spotlight sheet set and the Comfort Wash Pure Linen Duvet. I also added my favorite Honeycomb blanket, which we have on all our beds. 

To keep it simple but add a pop of color, I added this berry colored linen pillow cover in Clay. 

For a perfectly layered bed I always follow this recipe and I feel like it never fails!

Feather Bed

Sheet Set-fitted and flat 

*Always layer your flat sheet so that the “right” side of the sheet is face down on the fitted sheet. That way when you fold it back the “right” side will face up.

Bed Pillowcases

4 Standard or King Pillows


Down Comforter 



*Heavy to medium weight, sized to your mattress for extra warmth, folded at the foot of the bed 

Decorative Blanket 

*Lightweight blanket for styling 

Decor Pillows 

*Bolster pillow or two square pillows placed in front of your stacked bed pillows. 

Best of all they have a great sale right now! Friends & Family Sale—20% off + free shipping with code BFF20FS19

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