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I haven’t really blogged about our living room in awhile so I wanted to update you all on some of the furnishings I’ve brought in and how I’ve been changing things up around here.

I recently added these rattan trunks to the space. They were supposed to be for a client but after they arrived we knew they wouldn’t work so I put them in here as a place to store them but they are growing on me. So much storage and I actually am loving the scale of them. 

Our new lounger and sofa are from Rowe Furniture and I absolutely love them. They are hands down the most comfortable pieces we have ever owned and because they are custom pieces from their Robin Bruce line I was able to choose the fabric I wanted. They are such quality pieces that have that worn in and casual feel that I love so much in my design. 

Our teak caned armchairs from Perigold will always be a favorite of mine. The smooth wood and woven detail in the seat make these chairs timeless and will forever be in our home which I can’t always say about all my furniture. But I’m really trying to be thoughtful with how I choose items for my home. I have the amazing opportunity to work with so many incredible companies that I am able to change things out a lot but that can also lead me to feelings of discontent in my design because it doesn’t always allow for the curated design I crave. So I’m doing my very best to lean in to what I love more and only allow those pieces in my home that truly spark joy. 

Our chandelier was a recent purchase from CB2 and it took me forever to find exactly the right fixture for this space. The ceilings in our home are only 8ft so its limiting on what I can choose. I love oversized light fixtures but I have to know my limitations and respect the fact that my house isn’t made for them. Finding those unique fixtures that still add character to the space is important to me so I was very happy to find this crystal and brass chandelier that had the design detail I was looking for and also worked in our home. 

 This home has been a real labor of love over the past three years and we still continue to put more into her. I just think its fun to keep documenting the progress we have made over the years, not only to share with you all but also as a reminder of how far we have come! I hope you still continue to enjoy following along after all this time!

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