New Hardwood Flooring

I’ve been waiting to write this post because I wanted to live with our new floors a little while and give you all the best review of them possible. So here it is…..they are freaking awesome!
The floors have completely changed the feel of the house. It’s almost as though they made the house more sturdy in a way and they feel so good under your bare feet!

When we first moved in to the house, we were on a super tight budget, which most people are when they first move in to a new home. We really needed new flooring because the original floors had been damaged over years of wear. We had to do something so I found a $1.69 sq ft. floating floor from a discount warehouse and we installed it ourselves. After two and half years, it had worn out and looked bad. The finish had begun to wear away and discolor and due to water damage from a flood in our kitchen (that’s a story for another time) it had warped and molded the sub-floor underneath. It was awful. So when the timing was right we knew that putting in quality and durable flooring was super important. We also don’t want to replace our floors every couple of years because it is a huge undertaking. Something that you should consider when thinking about replacing existing flooring in your home. But it’s so worth it to have new gorgeous floors!
After researching different types of flooring options we decided on Duchateau hardwood floors for our home . We chose the Grand Savoy in Marquis which is in the 9.5″ planks for the majority of the home but wanted to add some interest in smaller areas and so we selected Herringbone in Fabor for the entry, upstairs hall and dining area.
One of the things that really set Duchateau apart from other flooring companies that we looked at was their passion for their product. I had the opportunity to work with the rep for our market who taught us so much about the floors before they were ever installed in our home. She explained the durabilty, longevity and overall design features that were available to us. She came to our home and we walked each room together, giving us the opportunity to really think about the overall design and how the flooring would flow throughout the home. She was such a valuable part of the process and so much fun to work with!
After meeting with Julie, we really got a sense of how the flooring would look in our home. Not only the color but the pattern and how the planks would be installed. It was during her visit that our minds were made up and we selected our new Duchateau floors. It was so exciting!
The flooring flows so nicely from one room to another. The smallest details were considered, like how the herringbone and wide planks would transition and as you can see here above they installed a narrow plank between the two and it looks beautiful.

I really could go on and on about these floors and how in love I am with them. I especially love that they are inspired by European design. The long length, wide planked, hard waxed oiled wood is timeless.
In a home with 3 kids and 2 dogs these floors have had the fair share of abuse in a short time and I quickly realized that they can take it! It only took me a few days to figure out I didn’t have to completely freak out every time something was spilled, dropped or ran across them because they were just fine. We are careful to follow the CARE instructions for cleaning and we take precaution’s by keeping our furniture from sliding across them (as you should) but that’s it!
My opinion is if you are researching flooring for your own home or business, give Duchateau a hard look because I guarantee you will like what you find. I spend the majority of my time sourcing materials for homes, my own and clients, and these hardwoods are by far the best I have found. They meet a specific price point and you get exactly what you are investing in. Great quality and the durability is exceptional.

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