New Lighting for our Home

We recently changed the lighting in our dining area and kitchen and I’m so happy with the final result. Previously to this we had 9 semi flush lights in the kitchen and 2 metal pendents from a budget store in the dining area. It worked for our budget at the time and I lived with it like this for 2 years, which could be considered a record for me but it was time for a change.

When I was sourcing the new lighting for the space, I looked for lighting with texture and natural color. I wanted a large scale fixture for the dining room and pendents over the island. I didn’t want anything competing with the pendents so I kept the rest of the space clean with recessed lighting throughout.

Both the pendents and the large wicker drum are from Hudson Valley Lighting. I have recently fallen in love with this company and all the brands they offer. The Hudson Valley Eldridge pendents in aged bronze are so unique with the bronze detailing. They are clean and minimal in design which is exactly what I wanted. I love all the understated details like the industrial bolts that secure the outside cage to milk glass.

The Troy Lighting Huxley Pendent is enormous and the texture that it brings to the room is unreal! I about died when I saw it in person in the Highpoint showroom and I knew this was THE light.

Changing up the lighting in your home is a great way to change the overall feel of the space. This space feels so much more serene to me now. I love that now there is a monochromatic tone to the space with lots of layered texture.

When shopping for lights for your own home, look for lights that bring texture, different metal finishes and different design elements. Don’t be afraid to mix materials. Mixing a modern light with your traditional home or visa vera is a great way to add interest. Remember that lighting is a perfect way to take risks in design that you might not want to make in other areas.

I personally wouldn’t use a contemporary sofa in my home but I would use contemporary lighting all day long.

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